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  Spring Steel:
Cold Roll, ASTM A684 Grade 1055 Spring Steel
Carbon Steel: ASTM A1011-00 SS GR 33 or ASTM A1011-00 CS Type B
304 Stainless Steel: ASTM A240 (Type 304) 316 Stainless Steel: ASTM A240 (Type 316) 316 Stainless Steel Nuts: ASTM A276-03 Aluminum: ASTM B209 (Type 5052-H32) VG – Phoenix Vanguard
MaTerial & finish sPeCifiCaTions
PG – Pre-galvanized Zinc
ASTM A653 G-90 Pre-galvanized zinc is produced by continuously rolling steel coils or sheets through molten zinc at the mills. The coils or sheets are slit to size and fabricated by forming, shearing or punching to produce the finished product. During fabrication cut edges are not generally zinc coated; however, the zinc near the uncoated metal becomes a sacrificial anode to protect the bare areas.
EG – Electroplated Zinc or Electro-Galvanized
Electro-Galvanized products meet ASTM B633 SC1 or SC3, Type III. Electroplating deposits zinc on the surface of the steel by electrolysis from a bath of zinc salts. The thickness of zinc applied in this method is between 0.2 mils to 0.5 mils [5.1 μm to 12.7 μm].
• Specifications subject to change without notice.
• All listed materials and finished are RoHS compliant.
Phoenix Vanguard coating is a multi-step process that meets the 1000 hour salt spray test per ASTM B117 and DIN 50021. Vanguard coating is WEEE, ELV and RoHS compliant. VG Finish is approved for wet and dry applications. It is a chrome free three step coating system that combines an inorganic zinc-rich basecoat with an aluminum-rich organic topcoat.
Note: See Phoenix Strut Accessories Catalog for additional information.
          technIcal Strut ceIlIng and Stud Wall Structural conduIt and IntroductIon data acceSSorIeS acouStIcal attachment cable Support

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