Page 5 - Phoenix-Spring-Steel-Catalog-06-19
P. 5

PiCTorial Table of ConTenTs
                           ELECTRICAL SUPPORTS CATALOG Page [5]
         Conduit and Cable Support
         Flange Hanger with Conduit Clip
Page 26
    Conduit Clip with Conduit Clip
Page 27
   Conduit "Push In" Clip with Conduit "Push In" Clip
Page 28
      Pipe & Conduit Hanger with Pipe & Conduit Hanger
Page 29
       Cable Clip to Flange
Page 30
    Bridle Ring
Page 31
                Structural Attachment
        Flange Clip
   Page 34
   Flange Clip Side Mount
Page 35
       Flange Hanger for Purlins and Bar Joist
Page 36
    Multi-Function Clip
Page 37
    Rod Hanger Push Install
Page 38
      Rod Hanger Thread Install
Page 39
         technIcal Strut ceIlIng and Stud Wall Structural conduIt and IntroductIon data acceSSorIeS acouStIcal attachment cable Support

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