Page 9 - Phoenix-Spring-Steel-Catalog-06-19
P. 9

PiCTorial Table of ConTenTs
                          ELECTRICAL SUPPORTS CATALOG Page [9]
       Ceiling and Acoustical
       Support Clip for Troffer Lights & Lay In
Page 74
       Twist Clip and Wing Nut
Page 75
    Electrical Box Hanger and Center Clip
  Page 76
       T-Bar Clip
     Page 77
  T-Bar Clip with Conduit Clip
Page 78
      T-Bar Clip with Conduit "Push In" Clip
Page 79
               technIcal Strut ceIlIng and Stud Wall Structural conduIt and IntroductIon data acceSSorIeS acouStIcal attachment cable Support

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