SCP – Cushioned Cable Strut Clamp

Catalog NumberHole SizeA – inR – inTotal Assy. Height – H
SCP 0037EG3/8″1.12″0.56″1.82″
SCP 0050EG1/2″1.12″0.56″1.82″
SCP 0062EG5/8″1.12″0.56″1.82″
SCP 0075EG3/4″1.62″0.81″2.34″
SCP 0087EG7/8″1.62″0.81″2.34″
SCP 0100EG1″1.62″0.81″2.34″
SCP 0112EG1-1/8″1.62″0.81″2.34″
SCP 0125EG1-1/4″2.12″1.06″2.86″
SCP 0137EG1-3/8″2.12″1.06″2.86″
SCP 0150EG1-1/2″2.12″1.06″2.86″
SCP 0162EG1-5/8″2.12″1.06″2.86″
SCP 0175EG1-3/4″2.62″1.31″3.50″
SCP 0187EG1-7/8″2.62″1.31″3.50″
SCP 0200EG2″2.62″1.31″3.50″
SCP 0212EG2-1/8″2.62″1.31″3.50″
SCP 0225EG2-1/4″3.12″1.56″4.05″
SCP 0237EG2-3/8″3.12″1.56″4.05″
SCP 0250EG2-1/2″3.12″1.56″4.05″
SCP 0262EG2-5/8″3.12″1.56″4.05″
SCP 0275EG2-3/4″3.62″1.81″4.75″
SCP 0287EG2-7/8″3.62″1.81″4.75″
SCP 0300EG3″3.62″1.81″4.75″
SCP 0312EG3-1/8″3.62″1.81″4.75″
SCP 0325EG3-1/4″4.12″2.06″5.125″
SCP 0337EG3-3/8″4.12″2.06″5.125″
SCP 0350EG3-1/2″4.12″2.06″5.125″
SCP 0362EG3-5/8″4.12″2.06″5.125″
SCP 0375EG3-3/4″4.62″2.31″5.54″
SCP 0387EG3-7/8″4.62″2.31″5.54″
SCP 0400EG4″4.62″2.31″5.54″
SCP 0412EG4-1/8″4.62″2.31″5.54″
SCP 0425EG4-1/4″5.00″2.50″5.92″
SCP 0437EG4-3/8″5.00″2.50″5.92″
SCP 0450EG4-1/2″5.00″2.50″5.92″
Available Finishes / Materials:
EG — Electro-galvanized
S4 — 304 stainless steel
S6 — 316 stainless steel 

Standard Finish:

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and which is known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to